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Spruce up your artificial lawn with a power broom: fast, easy, economical

Now that you have been enjoying your synthetic lawn for some time and the rush of summer activity may be dwindling, consider giving your green spaces a pick-me-up for the next round of entertaining. Although artificial grass is practically maintenance-free, and doesn’t ever turn brown, from time to time the original lushness needs to be brought back to life.

But don’t worry…it’s a fast, easy, and economical process. A lightweight power broom is your best friend for giving your lawn an uplifting dose of care. In fact, it’s so easy and safe (no blades) kids can even pitch in – becoming one of their favorite chores (although most kids will not see it as an actual chore!)

When you chose an artificial lawn, you made an investment in your home – an investment that improved its value, appearance, and livability factor. Although high-quality synthetic landscaping is created to be enjoyed for decades, you can extend that longevity with periodic power brooming every few months.

Awww…Do I HAVE To? (aka: Why It’s a Good Idea to Use a Power Broom)

Turf blades sometimes appear matted or flat after a season of heavy foot traffic. This is where a power broom comes to the rescue – a motorized broom that fluffs up individual blades of synthetic grass to look its “natural and healthy” best. A power broom can resemble a weed eater with a handle on one end and spinning bristles on the other.

At the same time that the machine fluffs the fibers, it deep cleans between the blades and loosens and resets the infill material back down to its base. Infill separates and supports each blade at their base, adding to the turf’s responsiveness just like natural grass.

When the infill gets packed down, it’s time for a quick refresher. This process was also performed at the time of installation. The end result is a dense, rich, plush, and bouncy appearance that makes you as proud as when you first enjoyed your new lawn. It will be a “Wow” moment!

Blades are designed to naturally lean in one direction. When you use a power broom, “sweep” from the opposite direction and the machine will lift the blades up from the root. This process will protect your investment, preserve its beauty, and promote your turf’s drainage. The industry term “defibrillation” means to brush artificial grass in the opposite direction from the way a manufacturer made its turf to lean.

Pave-N-Turf did some research on your behalf….

Restoring artificial grass can be done with a rake manually, but Pave-N-Turf’s method of choice is to use a power broom. They can be either gas or electric powered and resemble a vacuum cleaner with a large plastic brush on a rotating drum.

These machines were invented to install and maintain artificial turf economically and efficiently with specific speeds and types of bristles. Some brushes spin more than 200 times per minute, assuring debris is loosened and removed, and traffic and wear patterns are eliminated.

There are now many models and manufacturers to choose from with a variety of styles and prices. Your selection will depend on the size of your lawn or turf area and budget, although most are cost-effective. We are including models here for you to check out several machines online. You may also want to go to Home Depot or Lowes to take a look at other options.

1. This is a gas-powered model:

Handheld Sweeper, 52cc 2Stroke 2.3HP Engine Gas Power Sweeping Broom Driveway Turf Lawns Artificial Grass Power Brush Lawn Sweeper Cleaner Tools

2. This is a handheld electric option:

Roll & Comb 141

“This power brush helps clean the leaves, pine needles and other debris from the lawn while fluffing-up and brushing up the turf fibers. Thanks to its low weight and its adjustable handlebar design, it helps maintain the correct working position. It is easy to carry and store and ideal for artificial turf lawns.”

3. For large lawns and sports fields, a model like this with wheels is ideal:

Roll & Comb 502

“The Roll & Comb 502 sweeper cleans and collects the moss, leaves, pine needles and other debris from the artificial grass while combing and elevating the grass fibers. It is light and with its adjustable handlebar design facilitates the use and correct position of the work. Its brushing system, with excellent quality nylon bristles, sends the waste to the collection bag. In addition, it has working height regulation to regulate the intensity of the sweep.”

Get ready to be amazed at what a power broom can do to revitalize your lawn!

Start a new chapter of enjoying the beauty of your synthetic lawn once again. It’s easy and fast. Remove pet hair and other debris, protect the longevity of your investment, and restore the natural luster to your artificial turf. There are good times ahead!

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