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Every year, the United States celebrates American workers on Labor Day. Pave-N-Turf honors the achievements of each and every American worker. Together they have made a significant contribution to our nation. We are proud of our heritage and grateful for all the sacrifices workers have made throughout our history so that today we have some of the highest standards of working conditions in the world!

Quality People Using Quality Products

America is all about quality…in our people and in our products. At Pave-N-Turf we provide our workers with the finest materials – materials they can be proud to represent. Materials that are safe and free of harmful contaminants.

Materials that are American Made. We value and respect our employees, contractors, vendors, and customers. As a company we stand behind our people and our products. Not only do we support American manufactures because we believe in the United States, but also because we believe in giving our customers the best quality products in the synthetic turf and artificial grass industry.

The manufacturing process of American Made artificial grass and synthetic turf is highly regulated on the local, state, and federal levels to assure consumers that only premium raw materials and processes are used throughout.

Manufacturing standards for artificial turf are very strict and much higher in the United States than other countries. These standards include maintaining quality control records for each batch run along with chemical formulas indicating levels of lead, heavy metal contaminants, latex rubber compounds, and UV inhibitors.

Pave-N-Turf uses products that are free of lead and other toxic heavy metals. Because our manufactures adhere to compliance regulations, our customers have the confidence they are the healthiest synthetics available.

Rigorous testing for USA turf products results in high-quality, pure materials. American manufactures do not take hazardous shortcuts that can impact safety and product endurance over time. Poorly made artificial grass and synthetic turf causes defects to appear that may not be noticeable immediately.

The look and feel of American Made artificial grass is more realistic, the color is truer to natural grass, and it doesn’t fade. There are hundreds of possible choices, all created and tested by American manufacturers.

Pave-N-Turf uses products assembled in ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facilities. Supporting an American industry goes beyond just the manufacturing company – it also supplies jobs both at the plants as well as the installation sites, and everywhere in between.

Since the artificial turf industry is still relatively new, it’s easy for consumers to be attracted by low prices by hiring a company that imports products from overseas, especially from China. In celebration of American manufacturing, Pave-N-Turf highlights the following artificial grass and synthetic turf home-grown features versus imported products:

  • More realistic, multi-dimensional finishes / Not shiny, flat blades
  • Properly crafted and extruded yarns
  • Superior raw materials
  • Exclusive processes, fiber types
  • Quality tested / No contaminants
  • Authentic color / No streaking, fading, or discoloration
  • Greater longevity / Stands the test of time and elements
  • Stronger backing and coating / No lumps or premature disintegration / Blades stay in place
  • Better warranties / On American soil, not overseas
  • Easier to clean
  • Lower odor absorption
  • Poly fiber synthetic turf technology
  • Environmentally friendly / Water conservation
  • Manufacturer installation training

Artificial grass is gaining popularity with homeowners, towns, and businesses. From creative landscaping and luxury golf courses to parks and playgrounds to dog runs and athletic fields across the country, premium synthetic options are more available and affordable than ever before.

Over time, Pave-N-Turf has built solid relationships with our industry partners – the manufactures of the products we use. Trust in our selected partners gives our customers confidence in their choices of artificial grasses and synthetic turfs.

Where it all started…

The tradition of Labor Day began during one of labor’s bleakest times in American history. At the pinnacle of the U.S. Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s, most people worked seven days a week for 12 hours a day just to barely get by.

Even children as young as 5 years of age spent long, agonizing days in mines, factories, and mills. They were paid only a small portion of adult earners’ wages. Harsh, unsafe, and unsanitary conditions faced immigrants and poverty-stricken workers every hour on the job.

The more manufacturing grew in America, the more workers abandoned agriculture in search of a higher income. And the more blatant labor unions became in representing workers demanding better conditions.

The unions organized strikes and rallies to coerce negotiation for better pay and hours. These events were not always peaceful, and some were even tragic. However, it is noteworthy that on September 5, 1882, a parade of 10,000 workers marched from City Hall to Union Square in New York City.

Taking unpaid time off, this became the first Labor Day parade in America and has continued ever since…honoring workers with a “workingmen’s holiday” who keep the United States staying strong.

In fact, the Owner & Founder of Pave-N-Turf is an American Army Airborne Veteran who proudly served his country. In tribute to the workforce across America, may this Labor Day be a celebration of those who have helped to make the United States still the greatest country in the world!

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