It`s All About The Crew… The Backbone Of The Company!

Diverse landscaping crew standing proudly on a green field with text overlay 'A CREW - The Backbone of the Company', symbolizing teamwork and dedication in an outdoor setting.

Our Staff Makes Us Look Good!

A company’s investment in their staff will be some of their best returns on investment (ROI) they could have. Whether it is employee training, healthy salaries, properly maintained equipment, superior leadership, work/life balance, or a focus on exceptional morale, investment in staff is a core value of the finest companies.

Pave-N-Turf Crews are the BEST!

Our well-trained and reliable crews are Pave-N-Turf’s most valuable resource. We strive to maintain high morale and a satisfied staff. With a continual emphasis on excellence and improvement, each of our crew brings their unique experiences, skills, and abilities for a unified workforce. Our high productivity is based on each crew member bringing their best every day and adhering to our company’s efficient processes. Working together, our crews give a high standard of performance for every job when meticulously designing or installing synthetic turf spaces.

It’s All About Safety

One way Pave-N-Turf shows our staff not only their value, but also our care for them, is our diligence in preventative maintenance for all of our equipment. Safety precautions are paramount – giving our crews the confidence and freedom to focus on the job at hand instead of being stressed and having to watch out for potential failures. This in turn fosters a sense of care for our customers. In addition to the cost savings of well-maintained machines, decreased downtime and enabling faster deliverables for both our commercial and residential clients are also benefits.

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them!

Our team have years of industry experience and work well together in a family atmosphere. They are Pave-N-Turf’s greatest asset! We encourage professional growth, expanding skill sets, and cross-training as our staff adopt best practices in every area. They don’t take shortcuts, but are organized, thorough, engaged, and efficient. They are responsive, agile, and motivated to represent Pave-N-Turf as if it were their own company.

Crews That Get Along Run at Full Efficiency

In order for a crew to reach their peak performance and work output, they must be fully trained, self-sufficient, able to operate independently, follow set procedures and safety guidelines, and bring a positive attitude along with a dedication to high-quality operations. Based on company reviews, our staff rate high for customer service satisfaction, both during and after a job is completed. From thoughtful instructional consultations to precision installations to being organized and efficient at every stage to delivering on promises and going above and beyond expectations, at Pave-N-Turf, our crews ARE peak performers!

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